Recycling Advisory Group Scotland - RAGS


This website is a tribute to an amazing organisation that championed recyling in Scotland from 1993 - 2006.


Topics which RAGS addressed successfully included:


  • Integrated Waste Management, Producer Responsibility and Packaging, Markets for Recyclable Materials
  • Waste Minimisation, Potential Job Creation from Increased Recycling
  • Successful Kerbside Strategies and Public Education.



Information on recycling specific materials:

  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Furniture
  • Batteries
  • Metals
  • Lightbulbs (ordinary & fluorescent tubes)
  • Waste & Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
  • General information on recycling
  • Setting up an office recycling scheme
  • What is Hazardous Household Waste?

What can joining RAGS can do for your business?

Scottish Local Authority Household Recycling Contacts

Whether you fly on a regular basis or just once a year you can benefit from membership. The privileges of membership are free, but you must be resident in the UK and be over the age of 18.


Date set for inquiry into Salford recycling plant

Sky Properties' appeal against Salford City Council's rejection of its £70m plan for the Green Lane Eco Park in Monton, Salford will be heard in May.


On Friday 22nd February, the Mayor of London called on Londoners to reuse their plastic bags and say ‘no’ to accepting new plastic bags. On average, Londoners use over 37 million new plastic bags each week – a weekly habit that adds to an annual total of 2.2 billion new plastic bags in the capital.




RAGS has ceased trading. The ownership of this domain and this site is WHOLLY UNCONNECTED with the former Association or the former owners and all responsibility for any issues in relation to the domain or the site attaches solely to the present owners. If you would like to submit an article or information about your experience with the RAGS please email ragsdesk@rags.org.uk and we will endeavour to include it in this site.