RAGS, Why did people Join RAGS?


  • Joining RAGS brings the following benefits to you:
  • Discounts on RAGS events and seminars
  • Priority tickets to RAGS events and seminars
  • Free advice and information on recycling
  • Have your business promoted by RAGS
  • Free biannual newsletters and bulletins
  • Access to a forum on recycling issues
  • cheap laptops
  • Opportunity to join RAGS Executive Committee


Please note above is for purely informational purposes as RAGS is closed




RAGS has ceased trading. The ownership of this domain and this site is WHOLLY UNCONNECTED with the former Association or the former owners and all responsibility for any issues in relation to the domain or the site attaches solely to the present owners. If you would like to submit an article or information about your experience with the RAGS please email ragsdesk@rags.org.uk and we will endeavour to include it in this site.